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Licence To Pass is an established school of motoring. Learning to drive is a milestone in anyones life, we make driving lessons a enjoyable fun experience. We offer complete driving lessons packages to give you confidence in passing both Theory & Driving Practical Tests if you don't like your first driving lesson its FREE

Driving Lessons carried out in Billingham, Middlesbrough, Stockton, Norton, Wynyard, Ingelby Barwick and surrounding areas. Billingham, Middlesbrough

Covid-19 is a challanging time for learming to drive we, have to implement safety measures to protect my self and all my pupils. I will be making sure that all Health and safety measures are in place in line with Government guidelines and the Dvsa. I have also completed a online course to gain further knowledge to keep myself my pupils and there families safe to stop the spread of this nasty Virus. 

Why Learn With Us

12 years Experienced Driving Instructor.

Grade A Instructor.

High 1st Time Pass.

CRB Checked.

Apple Ipad interactive learning.

Patient Flexible Instructor.         

Dual controlled Car.

Nervous Pupil  

Free Theory Test Pro

Commited to CPD

Latest Driving Test Passes 2020:

Harry Armstrong Passed in Hartlepool

Nicola Warnock Passed in Hartlepool

Emma Shears Passed in Hartlepool

Ellissa Hodgeson Passed in Middlesbrough

Lucy Mchale Passed in Hartlepool

Francesca Porritt  Passed in Middlesbrough

Annabell Harrison Passed in Hartlepool

Annie Hamilton Passed in Hartlepool

Anna Shaw Passed in Hartlepool

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